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Gooey - Global Game Jam '18

Together with 8 other students from the NHTV, we created the game "Gooey" during the Global Game Jam of 2018. This is a game for PC, in which up to 4 players try to stay on a platform as long as possible. The players can use long-range attacks, jumping and pushing to kick the other players off the platform. In addition, over time the platform falls apart to make it increasingly difficult not to fall off.

The theme of GGJ 2018 was "transmission". We implemented this theme by allowing players to transmit their mass to others, or steal it from them. Gaining a lot of mass results in a powerful, big player character, that is slow to move around. On the other side, losing a lot of mass results in a small, less powerful, but much more agile character that allows players to move around quickly.

We used Houdini to create the model of the main character, which made us eligible to participate in the "GGJ with Houdini" contest, done by SideFX. We won the first place.

GGJ 2018: Gooey Teaser