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11sec Club - July 2019

I took this animation challenge (make animation for given 11 seconds long sound file in a month) for creating some portfolio material, and test Dynamixyz facial motion capture software tools.

This project took around three weeks for me to complete.

I acted the parts for Twitchy (squirrel) and my friend, Roderick Kabanga did Jimbo (the boy character).
I'm not fluent with rendering in Maya. I just did the bare minimum for playblasting the scenes somewhat prettier than gray Lambert material characters in editor scene lighting.
My main focus in this project was to practice key animating and learn Dynamixyz tools.


Assets in Jimbo scene are from various Unreal Engine marketplace packs.

1LMSKi - 11sec Club July 2019 challenge entry

Twitchy render - 11sec Club July 2019 - 1LMSKi

Jimbo render - 11sec Club July 2019 - 1LMSKi

1lumSki - Kurre, 11sec Club animation mocap performance

Rode - Jimbo, mocap performance for 11sec Club July 2019

Twitchy WIP - 11sec Club July 2019